Medium Format - 6x6 - 120/100mm Film


The Hassleblad 503CW was the last in the line of the V Series cameras and shoots a 6×6 square negative. It is totally modular with interchangeable lenses, viewfinder and film backs, super sharp Zeiss glass, a very bright viewfinder and lightweight enough to hang around your neck.

Buzz Aldrin took a hassleblad to the moon (so they say)


  • Hassleblad 503CW Body: £30
  • Hassleblad 80mm 2.8 : £20
  • Hassleblad Spare 120 Back: £20
  • Hassleblad Polaroid Back: £15
  • Hassleblad Prism: £20
  • Sekonic Speedmaster L-858D-U Light Meter: £30

(All prices per day +VAT)