Medium Format - 6x7 - SLR - 120/220mm film



Originally introduced in 1969 as the Pentax 6×7, this camera has become a firm favourite amongst many photographers over the years and achieved somewhat of a cult status. The Pentax 67ii is the latest in the line and combines all the best elements of the previous models but with some much needed improvements.

Think of this camera as an oversized 35mm SLR – TTL metering, aperture priority, shutter speeds from 1-1/1000 and multi exposure and the loudest and most satisfying shutter slap you have ever heard. Yes its heavy and big but it feels good and at the right shutter speed can definitely be handheld.

Oh and the lens… 105mm F2.4 – has got to be one of the fastest lenses ever made for medium format, a true portrait lens and wide open it has a lovely swirly smooth bokeh.

Also comes with guaranteed street cred “sick camera bro” etc etc.


  • Pentax 67ii body :£40
  • 105mm F2.4 lens: £20

3 day weekly hire @ £180

(All prices per day +VAT)