Polaroid 600 SE AKA ‘The Goose’

Polaroid - Rangefinder - takes Fuji FP100C


The Polaroid 600SE or ‘The Goose’ is an instant rangefinder camera. Based on the similar Mamiya Press, this is the creme de la creme professional camera for Polaroid. It has an inter-changeable lens mount and it utilizes Mamiya lenses that produce amazingly crisp images. Pin sharp and lovely smooth Bokeh. This camera comes with a 127mm f4.7 lens with Seiko leaf shutter. Get your hands on some Fuji FP100C (we can point you in the right direction) and experience the beauty of peel apart film!



  • Polaroid 600 SE and lens: £30
  • WEEKLY HIRE: £90

(Prices per day +VAT)