Sekonic L-858D Speedmaster Light Meter

Touchscreen Lightmeter for Stills and Motion


Designed for moviemakers as well as still photographers, the L-858D meter is the latest light meter and hands down the best yet from Sekonic.

Designed for both still and video shooting the L-858D-U features a  touch screen that displays all the data you need to achieve bang on exposure settings.

The new Sekonic L-858D-U Speedmaster is the first meter of its kind capable of measuring both flash duration and ambient exposure readings in light levels as low as 0.1 lux. The powerful meter is also able to measure High Speed Sync, and is the first to feature wireless capability with Elinchrom, Phottis, and PocketWizard products.

No more excuses for bad exposure!


  • Sekonic L-858D-U: £20 per day
  • WEEKLY HIRE: £60

(All prices per day +VAT)